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We invite you to take our new national survey! We need the help of veterans, first responders, Gold Star families, foster families, pastors, missionaries, and widows. If you are one of these people, the information you provide will help us assess your needs and provide you and your family with the support you really need. This survey is unlike any other and will only take about 5 minutes of your time. You can also enter your name for a free drawing!

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Understanding the


Sadly, millions in society experience trauma and severe stress. These are people right in our communities, including key service-oriented professionals. Trauma and stress can be triggered by such things as combat, shootings, fires, and recurring significant events. This typically leads to many “aftermath” consequences often worse than trauma. Many get only limited care; few get it over time; most get nothing at all.


Imagine, instead, millions of individuals and their families finding the support, strength, and peace they need and deserve. Compassion poured out. Imagine, post-traumatic problems mitigated and prevented. People made whole again. Families restored. Imagine!



Who suffers “aftermath” consequences?

  • 1.5 million veterans
  • 3 million first responders
  • 1/2 million pastors and missionaries
  • 1/2 million foster families
  • 100,000 Gold Star families
  • 13 million widows/ers


“Aftermath” of trauma and stress can include:

  • Marriage problems and divorce
  • Alcoholism and substance abuse
  • Financial challenges
  • Physical health problems
  • Professional burnout
  • Spiritual and moral dilemmas
  • Mental health problems and PTSD
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Suicide


How is society doing?

  • Aftermath trends are bad and worsening
  • These groups are higher than the national average in “aftermath” consequences
  • Many billions of dollars spent annually
  • Most people are unaided


3 big problems need to be addressed:

Limited Services.

Existing programs are designed to treat only one aftermath consequence and rarely address the “whole person.” But research shows aftermath consequences are spiritual, interrelated, and experienced simultaneously. Family members are often forgotten.

Insufficient Size

Current efforts are too small and isolated; and government institution programs are often too short, insufficient, and ineffective. This creates gaps and leaves countless in need.

Lack of Sustainment

Today’s organizations rarely invest in people for the long-term, so early successes in people often come undone. And their programs have not adapted well to the changing nature of trauma and stress, worsening the problem.


vision calls for bold solutions:

Comprehensive Care.

Top priority is providing personal and lasting healing to individuals and families.

  • Transformational physical, mental, and spiritual care
  • All aftermath consequences addressed for maximum effect and long-term impact

Capacity to Scale

7 robust regional Life Ranches and
multiple community programs.

  • Life Ranch facilities and professional staff to serve 150,000 people each year!
  • Life ranches offer attendees 2 free weeks annually; rest, recuperation, recreation, respite care; tailored counseling, therapy, and support; credible, capable staff; and private settings for discretion and confidentiality; physical, recreational, music and equine therapy; pastoral counseling; mental health therapy and counseling; conferencing capabilities.
  • Local training workshops will reach another 150,000 annually
  • Local compassion chapters for mentoring and outreach will reach another 200,000 personally each year
  • Partnership with local affiliates
  • International outreach in 30+ counties

Continuity for the Long-Term

We will be there tomorrow and beyond.

  • Lifetime commitment of support to individuals and families
  • Research arm to continuously improve and prepare for future generations
  • Stability through the Forward Free Foundation


  • 500,000 people suffering from the aftermath of trauma and stress given practical, professional, and lasting help annually
  • National trends of aftermath consequences
  • Gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed

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