Despite the work and frustrations, being a parent brings countless blessings. Being a foster parent is very similar, but the work, frustrations, and blessings can be even more extreme. Today, the most common circumstances leading to a child’s placement into foster care are neglectful parenting, parental drug abuse, inability to care for the child, physical abuse, or a child’s behavior. […]

Who are Christian missionaries? They are people who further the message of salvation through Jesus Christ or carry out parallel work such as in medicine or education. One missionary we know aptly stated that the role of missions is to “establish a beachhead” before broader evangelism occurs. Missionaries often leave their homes, sometimes permanently, and […]

Did you know Pastor Appreciation Day is October 8th this year? Now you do. Pastors play an often overlooked role in our society, and it’s important to consider the sacrifice and influence of pastors in our lives. Can you think of a time when a pastor was there for you or had a significant impact […]

Ever been a patient in an ambulance? It’s quite an experience! If you’ve been the one in the back on a gurney, you know what I’m talking about. Action. Motion. Stress. Pain. Uncertainty. My ride was July 22nd, 2014. I was in a doctor’s appointment with intense chest pain and suddenly began passing out. I […]

What does being a hero mean? Most associate heroic behavior with stories of a courageous soul risking his or her life to save others. A hero is selfless. A hero is brave. A hero helps others, even at the expense of his or her own comfort, security, and sometimes, life. There are many who have […]

The second hardest job in the world, according to CareerAddict, is being an astronaut. What job could there possibly be that’s even harder than working in outer space? Answer: firefighter. Let’s take a look. According to the National Fire Protection Association, there are over 1.1 million firefighters in the United States, comprised of both career […]

One of the most rewarding parts of operating a nonprofit is meeting the men and women our organization exists to serve. Today, I want to talk specifically about wheelchair-bound veterans. From time to time we all see or meet people in wheelchairs. Some of these are veterans. In fact, there are as many as 85,000 […]